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Destination Run Weekend: Moms on the Run to Welcome Amputee Ultramarathoner as Featured Speaker

We are excited to welcome Jacky Hunt-Broersma, our featured speaker at our Run Arizona destination weekend. She will be speaking to us at our Sunday night dinner with an inspirational message titled “I can do hard things.” Jacky is considered one of the most accomplished amputee ultramarathoners — completing 104 marathons in 104 days in 2022!

But she wasn’t always a runner. In 2016, Jacky lost her leg to Ewing’s sarcoma — a type of bone cancer. She said in an interview with CNN, “I thought runners were crazy…but I kind of just gradually got addicted to it a little bit.” Now, her favorite running distance is 50 miles.

Jacky has garnered an impressive amount of records in a few years. Not only does she hold a few world records, she was the first amputee to take on the brutal TransRockies mountain stage race (Trail race) in Colorado — a brutal race that covers 120 miles and 20,000 feet of climbing and running.  She also become the first amputee to take on the The Naturalist 25K trail race in Franklin, NC, which covers some of the most challenging terrain in the southeast and has a total of 5,500 feet of climbing.  

If you are attending our Run Arizona destination run weekend, we can’t wait for you to hear her inspiring story! Find out more about Jacky here.