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Rest Days

Last week we talked about how rest days are an important part of recovery. Let’s look closer at why they are so important, how to schedule them, and even how to NOT schedule them! (An unplanned day of rest when you need one is A-OK!) And what is the difference between an active recovery day and full rest? Understanding the difference and planning accordingly is part of maintaining a healthy routine.

Active recovery days, where you engage in low-intensity activities like walking, yoga, or light cross-training, are great when you’re feeling a bit fatigued but still want to keep moving and promote blood flow to aid in muscle recovery. These days are perfect after a particularly intense workout or race. On the other hand, a full rest day, where you completely refrain from strenuous activity, is crucial when you’re experiencing significant muscle soreness, fatigue, or any signs of overtraining or injury. Full rest allows your body to fully repair and recharge, ensuring you’re ready to hit the pavement strong again. Listen to your body and balance these recovery strategies to stay healthy and injury-free. For more tips on planning your rest days, see this article from Mile by Mile.