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Category Archives: Running

Fueling Properly Before a Run

What should I eat before a run? How much? When? Fueling properly before a run [...]

Overcoming an Injury

Injuries can be a tough setback for runners, but with the right approach, you can [...]

Post-Run Stretch

Let’s dive into why stretching after a run is so important for us. After a [...]

Running Drills

Let’s talk about running drills and how they can help improve your form! Running drills [...]

All About Strides

Hey Moms on the Run! Let’s chat about strides and why they should be a [...]

Pre-Run Routine

Let’s talk warm-ups! As runners, we all know the excitement of lacing up our shoes [...]

Does running ever get easier?

If you’re a new runner, you may be thinking: “Does this ever get any easier?!” [...]

Training: The Importance of Speed Work

Speed work is an important component of any runner’s training program, and perhaps the most [...]

The Importance of Easy Runs

To train to run faster, you need to run slow. Sounds counterintuitive, right?! We aren’t [...]

Why 30 minutes?

Does a run have to be long to be effective? The amount one should run [...]