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Are you getting enough sleep?

We can’t continue our discussion on proper rest and recovery without diving further into the topic of SLEEP. We all know it’s healthy for us, but how does it specifically relate to runners? Sleep is when our bodies undergo the most significant repair and recovery processes. During deep sleep, our muscles repair the micro-tears that occur during running, allowing them to grow stronger and more resilient. This recovery is crucial for maintaining peak performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, adequate sleep helps regulate important hormones like cortisol and human growth hormone, which play key roles in muscle repair and overall health.

Not only does sleep support the physical recovery needed, but it boosts mental performance as well. A good night’s rest improves cognitive functions such as focus, decision-making, and reaction times—all of which are essential for safe and effective running. When we’re well-rested, we’re more likely to stay motivated, maintain proper form, and enjoy our runs. So, prioritize getting the sleep you need each night to ensure you’re running at your best. Check out these great suggestions from Runner’s World to figure out how much sleep you really need! Happy running, and sweet dreams, Moms!