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Yes. Moms on the Run is designed to move even sedentary women toward regular exercise through our learn to run program. 
Members are welcome to walk more than scheduled at any workout. A walking-only workout incorporating speed intervals is also an option and is very effective at improving metabolism and cardiovascular fitness. This alternative is a choice during classes as well as the season-ending optional 5K.

Yes! Many of our participants and coaches are not mothers. Many claim their only children  have fur and four legs! We welcome all women, all ages and all fitness levels.

Yes, of course! We aim for convenience for busy mom runners, whether your child care fell through or you want to spend time with your kiddos at our workout classes. You may bring children in a jogging stroller or alongside you on a bike or rollerblades, at your discretion. 

You are 100% responsible for their safety (including keeping them out of the way of other participants).

No way! We have participants of all ages, including many between 55 and 70+. One of the program’s greatest assets is its ability to help forge friendships among women at all life stages.

Please review our health history questionnaire and contact your franchise owner with any questions. We recommend obtaining a physician’s approval if you have one or more of the specific conditions listed on this form, or if you have any concerns regarding your medical history and whether this program is a fit for you.

The best thing you can do is to simply increase your overall activity level. Regular walking is helpful. If you’re a beginner, we recommend no running prior to the start of class so that we can provide you with the best possible chance at an injury-free start.

For most classes, you’ll want to bring:

  • Good running shoes
  • Water (If your meeting location has restrooms, please be aware of the hours of operation for your location’s facilities when planning your fluid consumption)
  • Jogging stroller if you have a child
  • Sports interval timing watch or interval training app (optional)
  • Exercise mat
  • Dumbbells or stretch fitness band

Although different levels follow different workout routines, we accommodate all levels together (as part of one class) due to our excellent coaching staff. No need to separate teammates and friends from one another! The more the merrier on the trails; this increases the chance for women to have others at a similar pace for the workouts.

Wear whatever weather-appropriate apparel you would like! Below are images taken from class.

We highly recommend shoes that are comfortable and haven’t been excessively worn. Most local running shops can help you find shoes specific to your food, gait and running goals. 

Schedules vary depending on the type of class and location.

Our weekday Signature Training classes begin with a dynamic warm up, about 30 minutes of interval training, 15-20 minutes of strength and conditioning, and end with stretching. 

Our Signature Training weekend long-distance runs include walking or running 30-45 minutes or longer. Many of our athletes use these runs to train for 1/2 or full marathons

Find a location near you for specifics.

Walking programs are available in select locations based on demand. If done in a challenging way, walking provides a significant workout. Walkers can choose to follow the intervals of the beginning or intermediate runners depending on their conditioning levels.

We welcome women of all paces to our group! Speeds vary by member and by location.

Our learn-to-run program focuses on walk/run intervals while our intermediate group works on run/jog packing. In addition, many of our locations offer walking-only programming. 

We also incorporate fun hill workouts!

Our coaches will meet you where you’re at with regard to pace/speed.

It’s easy for long-time runners to get stuck in a steady-pace cardio routine. This results in less impact on our cardiovascular conditioning and metabolic rate. We incorporate speed intervals to improve fat-burning power and challenge toward faster times and increased endurance. We keep the program interesting with variety that will push your limits and keep you working hard, no matter your experience level.

Yes! 10K, 10-mile, and half marathon training programs are available in select locations based on demand. Contact the local franchise owner for more details.
We’re unable to give discounts or credits for missed classes, planned or unplanned. Enrollment prices are based on an individual’s scheduled participation in the overall program, and accounts for staffing, operational and other overhead costs.

Membership fees vary by location. Find the location nearest to you to learn more. 

Remember, Moms on the Run is more than a running club. We offer coached workouts (written by Olympian Carrie Tollefson), strength training, education, motivation and more!

Yes. Consistent with our vision to help more women lead healthier lives, we strive to assist those who wish to enroll but are facing financial hardships. We work with various sponsors and partners to offer partial and full scholarships. The availability of funds may vary by location. Please contact your local franchise owner for an application.

Full enrollment in more than one location requires full payment to both; however, you may be able to negotiate a deal with the respective franchise owners. If you wish to participate in a makeup class in another city, or try out another location in your area, this is acceptable if the franchise owners mutually agree.

Contact your franchise owner to learn what plan upgrades may be available, or to increase your monthly plan commitment.

Please do! Non-members who sign our liability forms may participate for $15-20 per class depending on the location. Make sure to check with your franchise owner first so they can be prepared for your guest.

At Moms on the Run, our franchises are independently owned and operated; so cancellation policies and terms may vary. When you purchase a program, the terms and conditions of that particular enrollment plan are outlined as part of the checkout process. You should contact your franchise owner directly to inquire about their policies; use the Locations page to find their contact information.

Expenses, and therefore prices, vary from location to location. Your program registration fee covers the instruction, organization and administration of the program, which includes legal fees, instructors and staff, insurance, administration, technology, shirts, supplies, marketing and facility rental rates (if applicable). Monthly subscription memberships require a 30 day notice for cancellation, and refunds for monthly or flex plans are typically not issued for any reason, including withdrawals due to injury, which are a normal risk associated with physical activity. If you are injured, we encourage you to continue to participate in our walking and strength training as able.

We hope that from your perspective your investment creates commitment, and brings with it motivation, accountability, a structured exercise program, guidance and fun! When life gets hectic or obstacles get in the way, it is all too easy for women to throw in the towel on their exercise program. We will do whatever we can to help this program work for you, such as allowing you to make up classes in other locations or issuing future credits if available.

We highly recommend getting fitted by a running shoe expert. There is no one “brand” that is best for everyone. Your local specialty store, such as such as TC Running in the Twin Cities, is likely to offer gait analysis and fitting expertise (and sometimes even a discount for Moms on the Run). Ask your franchise owner for a recommendation.

Our monthly plans offer the best value year-round for our loyal members, without needing to re-enroll each season. Monthly plans offer the lowest per-class pricing and include bonus workouts between seasons.

Monthly plans do require 30-day notice and an administrative fee for cancellation, therefore we recommend a flex plan if you are checking us out for the first time. Our flex passes are purchased each season, allowing you to come to class at your convenience during that current season.

Please note the plans and passes offered may vary by location.

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