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Inspiring member, Rosalie, and her husband

Meet Rosalie: April’s Inspiring Member


Five years ago, Rosalie Spahr began a journey that changed the trajectory of her life. She got the call that she had breast cancer. Shortly after completing treatments, and despite not being a runner, she challenged herself to run a half marathon in Florida in support of breast cancer research and helping families deal financially with breast cancer treatments. To further improve her health, Rosalie joined Pine City (MN) Moms on the Run and has loved the results. Not only has it taught her about running, but about who she is.

Rosalie, in the pink shirt, along with franchise owner Heather and some of her Pine City teammates.

dQ:When did you first join Moms on the Run? Please share a bit about how you got involved. Were you a runner before Moms on the Run?
A: I am starting my third year as a Moms on the Run member. After completing a half marathon, I wanted to continue my efforts to improve my health. Heather Rank [the owner of Pine City Moms on the Run] is a friend and she had started a MOTR group the prior year and I wanted to support her efforts. Heather made the workouts fun and cared so deeply about each of the women in the group that I was hooked and can’t imagine not working out with my MOTR peeps. I was not a runner prior to 2019.

Q: Heather shared you have a history with breast cancer. We’re so sorry to hear that; if you are wiling, please share a bit about your story. 
A: In January of 2018, I went in for my routine mammogram. The next day they called telling me I had cancer, and I was referred to the Piper Breast Center where I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with nodule involvement. The remainder of 2018 was spent in chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments. During that time, I made it my goal to run the Donna Half Marathon in Jacksonville, FL. Proceeds from that event go to breast cancer research and helping families who are in need of financial assistance during treatments. Four months after finishing treatment, I completed the Donna Half with my loving husband running by my side.

Q: At Moms on the Run, we talk about being #MOTRstrong. What does that term mean to you?
A: For me, #MOTRStrong focuses on the “s” in Moms. We are strong because we are supported by a wonderful tribe of women.

Q: What have you learned about yourself since becoming a part of Moms on the Run?
A: I have learned that as an introvert, I can enjoy being part of a group! I found how much I enjoy being an encourager and laughter-provider while pushing myself to improve my own endurance.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering Moms on the Run?
A: Just do it. If you can walk, run, or crawl, you will be welcomed right where you are at by a group of women who just want to see you succeed in improving your health.

Q: Please tell us a little more about you personally (your family, job-in or out of the home, hobbies, etc.)
A: I live in Pine City, MN, with my husband, Rob, who is a pastor, cross country coach and substitute teacher. We have two adult sons, Jordan, who is a football coach and substitute teacher, and Jonah, who is a web novelist. I enjoy working on making baskets from clothesline and selling them at art fairs around Minnesota.