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Healthy snacks

Pre-Run Nutrition

Who needs a little pick-me-up before a run? Choosing a snack with fast-acting carbs will give you the right amount of energy to power through your run. Here’s why.
Carbohydrates are our body’s primary source of energy, especially during high-intensity activities like running. Fast-acting carbs, such as fruits or sports drinks, are quickly digested and absorbed, providing an immediate boost of energy. This quick energy release is essential for fueling your muscles right before a workout, ensuring you have the stamina and endurance to perform at your best from the get-go.

Incorporating fast-acting carbs into your pre-workout routine helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels and prevent early fatigue. These easily digestible carbs help to top off your glycogen stores, which are the energy reserves in your muscles. When these stores are adequately filled, you’ll experience sustained energy throughout your run, reducing the risk of hitting the wall. So, before your next run, make sure to grab a quick, carb-rich snack to keep your energy levels high and your runs strong.

Check out this article from Runner’s World for some great ideas to stick in our bags or stash in our cars!