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Group of women lifting weights

Strength Training for Runners

Let’s talk weights!  Specifically, challenging yourself to lift a bit heavier. If you’ve been with Moms on the Run long enough, you know all about the health and fitness benefits of strength training, and how muscle development can prevent injuries by reducing imbalances that might occur from repetitive running motions. And bonus, it improves metabolism and energy, contributes to a healthy body composition, and prevents osteoporosis.

But do you know there are specific benefits for runners associated with lifting heavier weights? Adding heavier weights into your routine to build stronger muscles increases power and efficiency. Stronger muscles improve the support for your joints and help you maintain proper form to reduce the risk of fatigue, ultimately providing a more resilient body.

Another benefit of heavier weights is the improvement in your overall running economy. By increasing your muscle strength, you enhance your body’s ability to utilize oxygen, allowing you to run faster and longer with less effort. This increased efficiency can lead to better race times and a more enjoyable running experience.

In this article from Outside Online, learn more about how heavier weight training improves power and coordination to boost running economy*. Don’t be afraid to give heavier lifting a try! It’s a powerful way to become a stronger, faster, and more injury-resistant runner. Happy lifting and running, moms!

*Other types of strength training are beneficial as well, and this article is specific to heavy lifting for runners. Individual fitness goals and genetic differences in muscular composition are also important considerations in determining what may be most effective for you personally.