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A 10k finisher, Dr. Angela Voight and Carrie Tollefson

Expert Spotlight: Dr. Angie Voight

Dr. Angela Voight (pictured middle at this year’s Moms on the Run 5K/10K) practices sports medicine, offering specialties that include ankle, foot, knee, and shoulder. As a runner herself, she understands the dedication of runners and the rigors of marathon races. When she’s not treating the athletes under her care, Dr. Voight supports our running community by providing medical coverage for local races and marathons. “I enjoy giving back by volunteering at race events,” she says. “I love to see runners out enjoying an event, and I’m there to make sure they are safe.”

Dr. Voight has completed 15 marathons and is also the official team doctor for the Minnesota Distance Elites and Moms on the Run. 

There are some things that only fellow runners can understand. That’s why the experts at Summit Orthopedics brought together a group of physicians and physical therapists who are not only exceptional at treating running injuries but also runners themselves, like Dr. Voight. They get it, because they’ve been there and understand the nuances of running. 

Running injuries require special and specific care, to the point that some physicians even avoid taking on runners’ injuries. Finding the balance of continued activity, treatment, and the rest required to heal is not easily mastered. Diagnosis and treatment require not only excellent diagnostic skills but also a sound and appropriate understanding of the unique expectations and requirements of runners. This is the level of care you can expect from Summit and the running specialists.