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Training Tip with Carrie: Intervals

Intervals. They’re a huge part of our training at all levels at Moms on the Run. Today, National Fitness Director, Olympian Carrie Tollefson, talks about the importance of intervals. An interval running plan alternates between periods of intense, fast paces followed by less intense recovery periods. This style of running aims to maximize your aerobic fitness while minimizing your overall time spent exercising. 

There are many benefits to moving your body, including:better capacity to use oxygenlower heart ratelower blood pressurelower risk of cardiovascular disease Interval training in particular — compared to traditional jogging — may also come with some extra dope benefits, such as:improved cardio-respiratory fitnessincreased body fat burnedreduced workout time with similar resultsimprovements in max aerobic capacityincreased use of fat for energyincreased insulin sensitivity more muscle fibers workedmore calories burned