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Does running ever get easier?

Does running ever get easier?

If you’re a new runner, you may be thinking: “Does this ever get any easier?!” We can promise you, just like anything else with practice, it does. Your body needs time to adapt, and for a new runner this is generally about 4-6 weeks.

Trust us, we’ve been there. Those first few runs might feel like you’re dragging yourself through molasses, every step an effort. But as you stick with it, something magical happens. Your muscles start to remember the motion, your breathing steadies, and suddenly, running starts to feel doable, and maybe even good!

At Moms on the Run, we’ve seen countless women go through this journey. What once seemed like an insurmountable challenge becomes a source of empowerment and joy. It’s not just about physical fitness; it’s about mental resilience too. Running teaches you to push through discomfort, to quiet that inner voice telling you to stop, and to celebrate every small victory along the way. And as you rack up those miles, you’ll find yourself not just getting faster, but getting stronger in every sense of the word.

During our signature training program, you will see how we adjust our workouts gradually and make them a little more challenging as time goes on. Embrace this process, and trust that it does get easier. Meanwhile, for helpful tips on how to make running feel less hard, check out this helpful article from Runstreet.

So to all the new runners out there: You’ve got this!  Not only will you improve, but you might just even discover that you love it! It sure feels good to take on new challenges and increase our cardiorespiratory endurance and fitness. Before you know it, you’ll be logging miles with a newfound sense of confidence and accomplishment. And who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire the next generation of runners to lace up their shoes and join you!