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Inspiring member vidya waves during a race

In the News: Inspiring Member Vidya


Jacksonville Moms on the Run member Vidya Ramachandran was featured on News 4 Jax for crossing the finish line of her first 15K, the Gate River Run. “V,” as her teammates call her, joined Moms on the Run one year ago and committed to making time for her health and fitness.

Vidya said she attributes her  accomplishment to the support of Moms on the Run— and the friendships she’s made as she put in the miles of training.

“However slow you are, or one day you just can’t get your legs to move, you will have somebody with you to run,” she said. “And it’s not just running. I find they are helping me build on my strength.”

We are so proud of Vidya and all of our Moms on the Run members in Jacksonville for conquering the Green Monster and finding they’re #MOTRstrong.