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Top 10 Reasons Not to Join Moms on the Run — and Reasons You Should

#10: I’m not a Mom. 
You don’t need to be a mom to join Moms on the Run — just female! There are some activities throughout the season that include kids, and they are welcome at class (closely supervised by the parents). However, most locations have participants who are not moms. There are also kid-free Ladies Nights Out and running retreats. In addition, Moms on the Run is a wonderful support group for those going through difficulties conceiving children because some of our participants have also experienced infertility. We welcome all women: moms, non-moms, grandmas, anyone who wants to be active in the company of others!

#9: It’s too cold to think about running.
While a common excuse for those in our Northern locations, our motto is “It’s only cold if you’re standing still.” Joining Moms on the Run will provide you something to do to help you get through the cold winter months. Besides, we are about to experience perfect running temps! (Trust us, the “too hot” complaints will come soon.)

Moms on the Run is about enjoying the seasons in the company of each other and motivating each other to get out and be active. Will you let us help you to be active this year? ​
#8: I can’t afford it.
This is a very valid reason, especially with rising costs and tightening budgets. We work every year to increase the program benefits while keeping the price about 30-50% less than other private fitness programs.  The cost of our most popular enrollment options is $8-11/class, yet you receive much more support than just instruction at class. Included in the cost is a technical training t-shirt or tank, 18-week training schedule, opportunities for regular social events, private online support groups, out-of-class email interaction with encouraging coaches, weekly educational and running form topics, and nutrition challenges to improve your whole active life. During the season, you have the opportunity to earn RunBuck$ for free gear. We want to make this work for everyone, so payment plans are available for those who would like to pay monthly. 

#7: I can’t or am too old to run!
Our Moms on the Run training program is flexible and eases new runners and walkers slowly into running using run/walk or walk faster/walk intervals. We welcome everyone who wants to be active and social, walking or running. 

Our coaches are trained to help you with your ideal running and walking form for long-term health. At Moms on the Run, age is just a number — we have women in their 20s to 70s, and we welcome everyone! It’s never too late to join us!

#6: I can run on my own, why do I need to pay to run?
It certainly doesn’t make sense to pay to run if one is already receiving all the support, accountability, coaching and friendship they could benefit from by running independently. Moms on the Run  is much more than paying to run. It is a supportive, coached running program offering a high level of structure and accountability, as well as a comprehensive workout including guided flexibility and strength training. Yes, there are free run clubs, but they do not tend to have the coaching support and participant commitment level of a paid private fitness program. 

Have you ever joined a free activity group and were very excited, only to find out that the participation was much less than you anticipated or that there was a different group to get to know each time? Commitment by coaches and participants, strong coaching inside and outside of class, and a very supportive “women’s only” group are all advantages to Moms on the Run that make us unique and hard to find elsewhere!  But don’t just believe us, check out what our past participants have to say:

“Best investment in myself that I’ve ever made!”
“Affordable cost, organized running and zero guilt!”
“I got a lot more out of it than what I planned.”
“This program was the best thing I’ve ever done for me.”
“I’m very happy with MOTR, it’s so much more than I expected. Thank you for setting this up for people like me!”
“As a self-taught runner, I really appreciated the input and encouragement of the coaches. I am amazed by the individual attention given to each runner.”
“Loved the program! It far exceeded my expectations.”
“The head coach and assistant coaches are absolutely wonderful; I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

#5: I’ll do it next year…
Putting yourself last is a hard habit to break for a mom, and it won’t be easy next year either! We try to have flexible class options for all women to have at least one time a week to attend. We offer flexible options to join — ranging from flex passes to monthly memberships. 

Last season, some of our members took their first step with a flex pass, and now this year they are arranging their summer family schedule around THEIR “running team!” The time is NOW to sign up for THIS spring and summer. Don’t forget, healthy moms make healthy families!

#4: I hate to run!
Sure, running isn’t for everyone, but have you tried it out with a supportive group of women and coaches while taking plenty of walking breaks? We hear many, many stories of women who used to “hate running” and are now in love. We help women ease in slowly, while learning to pace and breathe properly so that it doesn’t feel like quite the chore. Our training programs are for all levels, from the woman who has never run (or tried but hasn’t had much success) to the woman who loves running, but wants more out of it, either through the team environment, learning to reduce injuries, or having a structured program. In Moms on the Run, you may or may not learn to love running, but most of our participants see the benefits of being active and appreciate how they feel after the run or walk is done! A quote from one of our dedicated participants: “I don’t love to run, but I love the feeling I have after I run!”

#3: I’m not athletic enough. 
Being athletic is not a requirement for joining Moms on the Run, but by the end of the season, you will be an athlete! Running and walking are some of the easiest and least expensive activities to start and get you on the path to being physically active. All you need is you and a quality pair of shoes that fit your current foot and run/walk gait. Most of our participants never thought of themselves as athletes, but now after their awesome accomplishments, we consider all of them athletes! Don’t think you are coordinated enough to run or walk? Learning the proper way to run/walk from our coaches will help strengthen your feet and ankles so that although you may not feel coordinated, you will be stronger and more able to adapt to the new challenge.

Looking for great sources for running/walking shoes? Check out some of the local running specialty stores, such as our friends at TC Running and Run N Fun. They offer our members a discount and will work with you to find the perfect shoe. 
#2: I don’t have time!
Your life is crazy busy, especially if you have work and other people depending on you for their care. But what do you do to take care of yourself on a weekly basis? Are you or your family participating in activities that aren’t giving you energy — just going through the motions because that is what you’ve always done? 

Will you take the first step this spring and do something for yourself? Commit one, two or three hours a week that will give you energy, confidence, and support for the other 165-167 hours in the week. We would love to work with you to find a program that will fit your schedule. We have lots of flexible enrollment options and we are excited to offer our curriculum this spring that will help us all to be healthy, strong runners and walkers. Remember, healthy moms make healthy families!

#1: I won’t know anyone!
Everyone is nervous at their first class! It is difficult to step outside our comfort zones, but we always hear from those who decide to take a chance that they are so glad they did! One of our members, Sarah D., can relate. “Trying new things is scary,” she shared. “I joined MOTR in 2018 with the encouragement of my husband. I was at a point in life that I was seeking a place to belong but didn’t know that it would actually involve running. I joined and immediately felt accepted and loved. These ladies have given me more encouragement and strength. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. The miles logged led to meaningful conversations, the joys of life and even the hurdles that life throws. With their encouragement, I have done Ragnar races, half marathons and even trained to do a marathon with them. Go do the hard and scary things — you just might find the light that you were unknowingly seeking.”

Women being active together bond so much faster because of the shared struggle and endorphins from being active. We have extroverts, introverts, and some who discover a new personality trait from the endorphin rush of a good workout!  Take the risk, we’d love to get to know you just the way you are!

(This article was originally written by Beth Jensen and Karissa Johnson; updates by Julee Sylvester)