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Training Tip with Carrie: Stretch Series Part 2 – Seated Twist

Join Moms on the Run National Fitness Director, Olympian Carrie Tollefson, for part 2 of our stretch series. Take a seat on your mat, as today’s stretch, the seated twist, works the muscles in the back of the thigh (the glutes) and the buttock. The gluteal muscles are large, strong and used often — while running, climbing, and standing up from a seated position. And having strong muscles in the buttocks may help support the leg muscles during a run.

To do this stretch:
Sit on a mat and stretch the legs out in front of the body.
Bring the left leg over the right leg and place the left foot on the floor, bending the left knee.
Twist to the left and use the right arm to press the left knee gently inward. Hold for 30 seconds.
​Untwist and repeat on the other side.