Moms on the Run is a structured fitness program for women of all ages (not just moms) and fitness levels. Get in shape–and have a fun time doing so. Run your first 5K, improve your speed and endurance or stay motivated in your walking routine.

We help busy women discover (or rediscover) the path to a lifetime of physical fitness. We focus on interval training to increase cardiovascular fitness levels and maximize metabolism benefits. You’ll start right where you are and walk, jog or run your way to a first race or personal record.

If you’ve been searching for the motivation to get your start as a runner, this program is for you!


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Fueling Properly Before a Run

What should I eat before a run? How much? When? Fueling properly before a run is key to ensuring you have the energy and endurance to perform your best. Aim to eat a balanced [...]

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Overcoming an Injury

Injuries can be a tough setback for runners, but with the right approach, you can handle them effectively and come back stronger. That’s when making backup plans are essential to overcoming an injury. When [...]

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Are you getting enough sleep?

We can’t continue our discussion on proper rest and recovery without diving further into the topic of SLEEP. We all know it’s healthy for us, but how does it specifically relate to runners? Sleep is [...]

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Meet Becky: July’s Inspiring Member

Stillwater Moms on the Run member Becky Solensten (pictured on the right in the photo) is a warrior. Throughout an intense battle with cancer last year, she continued to show up to class to [...]

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Rest Days

Last week we talked about how rest days are an important part of recovery. Let’s look closer at why they are so important, how to schedule them, and even how to NOT schedule them! [...]

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All About Recovery

There is a lot to be said about recovery! Let’s see if we can simplify a daunting task and make it an easy part of our routine. Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated—sometimes, the [...]

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