Moms on the Run is a structured fitness program for women of all ages (not just moms) and fitness levels. Get in shape–and have a fun time doing so. Run your first 5K, improve your speed and endurance or stay motivated in your walking routine.

We help busy women discover (or rediscover) the path to a lifetime of physical fitness. We focus on interval training to increase cardiovascular fitness levels and maximize metabolism benefits. You’ll start right where you are and walk, jog or run your way to a first race or personal record.

If you’ve been searching for the motivation to get your start as a runner, this program is for you!


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Pre-Run Nutrition

Who needs a little pick-me-up before a run? Choosing a snack with fast-acting carbs will give you the right amount of energy to power through your run. Here’s why.           [...]

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Post-Run Stretch

Let’s dive into why stretching after a run is so important for us. After a run, your muscles are warm and more pliable, making it the perfect time to stretch and improve flexibility. Stretching [...]

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Running Drills

Let’s talk about running drills and how they can help improve your form! Running drills are specific exercises designed to enhance your running mechanics by focusing on different aspects of your stride. These drills, [...]

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All About Strides

Hey Moms on the Run! Let’s chat about strides and why they should be a staple in your running routine. Strides are short bursts of running, typically ranging from 50 to 150 meters, where [...]

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Pre-Run Routine

Let’s talk warm-ups! As runners, we all know the excitement of lacing up our shoes and hitting the pavement, but there’s an essential part of our routine that we can’t afford to skip: dynamic [...]

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Does running ever get easier?

If you’re a new runner, you may be thinking: “Does this ever get any easier?!” We can promise you, just like anything else with practice, it does. Your body needs time to adapt, and [...]

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