At White Bear Lake Moms on the Run, we’re all about inspiring and transforming women (not just moms) through a lifestyle of fitness, fun and friendship. Whether you’re looking to walk, learn to run, or tackle another marathon, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Our coached group runs and workout classes cater to all fitness levels. The diverse range of workout classes, running plans, and half and full marathon training programs improves strength, flexibility, speed and endurance. But we’re not just about fitness – it’s about forging meaningful connections along the way.

Join White Bear Lake Moms on the Run today and become part of something special. Join our group of amazing women all embracing the journey toward a healthier, happier life. 


Our cardiovascular interval training classes for all levels include strength training, stretching and education. Our Learn to Run program will help you safely build up to your first 5k race. Walkers and experienced runners, improve your speed and endurance with an interval training schedule designed to maximize your fitness levels.


Our specialty virtual class meets weekly via Zoom with a LIVE instructor. Participants also have access to the classes on demand. By strengthening your core and improving flexibility, this class will help you improve your conditioning and avoid injury. Start you day right with this quick 30 minute workout!

30 minutes of Cardio + Strength & Stretching! These classes use cardio intervals to improve metabolism and cardiovascular fitness.  Beginning runners will learn to run, moving from mostly walking to running as they progress, with the goal of completing a 5K distance at the end of the season. Experienced runners will complete 30 minutes of interval training to improve their running speed and fitness levels, with workouts designed by our National Fitness Director, Olympian Carrie Tollefson. A short strength training component, stretching, and education conclude the class. Participants are encourage to bring 5 lb weights and a yoga mat. This class with Coach Niki meets on Mondays at Sucker Lake Regional Park and Thursdays at White Bear Beach Park.

Start the day off right!  Beat the sunshine with us at Sucker Lake Regional Park with Coach Linda.  Reflective gear and lights are required.  Use the parking lot just north of County Rd F.

Our specialty virtual class meets weekly via Zoom with Coach Stacy. 30 minutes to strengthen and tone!  Up the intensity of your weight training routine to build muscular strength and endurance, with a special focus on core training.  Modifications are available for all fitness levels. Recommended equipment: an exercise mat, resistance bands and weights (5 – 15 pound dumbbells) 

Our weekly steady paced cardio workouts are designed to help participants build endurance and either increase their mileage, maintain their running base, or add in an additional interval workout.  Meet at Sucker Lake Regional Park with Coach Linda.  Use the parking lot for the pavilions off Rice St.

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Niki started her love affair with running in 2011 when she joined WBL MOTR.  It only took a couple weeks of experiencing the classes, the supportive environment and the community to be hooked.  She started coaching in 2012 and spent several years learning more in-depth about Exercise Science at Concordia starting in 2014. Niki has participated in more races than she can count, from 5ks through Ultra Marathons.  Niki has a passion for encouraging and supporting women at any stage of their health and fitness journey, and embraces balance and being active in the best way to support each woman’s phase of life.

Niki has been away from Moms on the Run for the last couple years and is extremely excited to rejoin the group and help you meet your goals!


I began my journey with Moms on the Run when the Shoreview location opened in 2010. I was looking for something to do and a way to connect with other women since my kids were off to college, but running? I was not a runner and had never been a runner, but the tagline spoke to me – fitness, fun, and friendship. I really needed all three of these in my life.

I am now in my 14th
year with Moms on the Run and it has definitely lived up to its promise.

I am more active than ever and have run many races from 5Ks to half marathons. Not every run feels good, but every run is fun because of the amazing ladies that share the trail with me. I love that we support each other on and off the trail throughout life’s ups, downs, joys, and triumphs.

I firmly believe in the philosophy behind Moms on the Run and am passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle. I love sharing this passion and helping inspire women on their fitness journeys while having fun and fostering a community of support. Together we can accomplish our goals and achieve even more than we thought possible!


I have been with Moms on the Run for three years and a coach for two. I have always enjoyed running, but with MOTR it is so much more than just running! I enjoy the community atmosphere of the group and the commitment to meet everyone where they are while encouraging them to just do their best. It is the friendship and fun that makes this group so special and the bonus of getting fit while you’re doing it. I had never run in a race until I joined MOTR and now I am addicted! Races are so much better with friends. It is also fun to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments!!

I am the proud mom of three boys, and so happy to say one decided to join cross country this year, my heart is full! ❤️ Exercise is so crucial to everyone’s well-being, and I just want to help get others moving! I often get asked if runners high is a real thing and my response is stick with it and you will see that it’s definitely real!!


2023 marked my first season as a coach after joining MOTR in 2017 as an empty nester in a high-pressure career looking for stress relief. As a “never-ever runner”, completing a 5k through the Learn to Run program was a triumph! I surprised my family and myself by sticking with it, increasing my race distance annually until reaching 26.2 miles at age 60. In addition to better mental and physical health, I’ve found joy in the friendships and running in every Minnesota season, now with the added dimension as a coach where I am able to help some of these incredible women reach their goals.


I started running to get in shape for my wedding. I quickly discovered that running was the “most bang for my buck” – if I only had 30 minutes, I could get in a great workout by going on a run!  As we started having children, my running career was on and off for many years, but running has always been something I kept coming back to for exercise.

I have been a volunteer coach with MOTR since 2012. My favorite part of MOTR is helping amazing women do something new each week like run longer or farther than the week before. The relationships I’ve made keep me coming back year after year.


I started running in my early 20’s and 45 years later I still love it. Most of that time I did solo runs but in 2018 two friends from the gym told me about MOTR. I joined and immediately loved it! The camaraderie with all the women and the many friendships I’ve made have been so rewarding. I started coaching in 2022 because I wanted to be even more involved and share my love of running and fitness with others. I’ve experienced many happy moments helping others while coaching.


Month of Miles: June 1-30

Welcome to our Month of Miles, where every step counts towards your streak of consecutive days of running or walking!

This challenge will help keep you moving all month. How many days in a row can you go? How many days in June can you log activity? Whether you're jogging, sprinting, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, every movement contributes to your streak.

Participants receive an awesome t-shirt, mileage tracking sheet, and the ability to win awesome prizes on our Facebook page.

Learn more about the challenge and register.

*We advise NOT increasing your running if you are already where you want to be with your mileage. We strongly advise not increasing running mileage by more than 10% a week.

Month of Miles challenge by Moms on the Run

Moms on the Run 5K/10K/Kids Run: Aug. 25, 2024

Celebrate your spring/summer training season with our biggest race of the year: Moms on the Run 5K/10K and Kids Run. For many, this milestone marks a first race — a goal you began working toward in the spring. For others, it's a new PR or a super fun event with your team. Enjoy great swag, food trucks, awards and prize drawings! We've got face painting, crazy hair and fun for the whole family. Learn more about the race and register. All are welcome! No need to be a member of Moms on the Run.
Moms on the Run 5K/10K


We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. We appreciate you and are here to cheer you on every step of the way!

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Snail Lake Regional Park
4191 Snail Lake Blvd.
Shoreview, MN

Sucker Lake Regional Park
County Rd F E
Vadnais Height, MN

White Bear Beach Park
5050 Lake Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110


Are you interested in a fun, part-time business helping moms get fit in your community?

We have a unique opportunity available to come into local ownership of our corporately held White Bear Lake franchise.


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Our unique approach features women of all ages and fitness levels supporting other women. A strong sense of community thrives in this fun team environment. Ultimately, this is the trigger that helps you establish and stick to your fitness routines.

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Our friendly and professional coaching staff, including certified fitness instructors, offers additional support and expert advice.

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Encouragement and accountability are our forte. Over time, you will form friendships that will help you stay accountable to regular exercise, the program and to each other. Our members-only Facebook group provides support outside of class and helps us stay connected. ​

year-round programming

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Our signature training program lets you attend classes from 1 to 5 times per week. We strongly recommend choosing an interval class at least once a week, which includes a higher level of structure and support. From walkers to runners, women will start at their own level and progress throughout the season.

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Our strength and cardio boot camp offers a variety of workout options to help you get fit. We’ll help maximize your metabolism by providing run/walk high intensity interval training (HIIT) at your level. Enhance your fitness level by improving strength, muscle tone, speed and agility.

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Our Polar run offers you a way to maintain the running endurance you built up during the summer and fall, while staying accountable and motivating during the long, cold winter months.

We also host virtual and indoor strength-training classes.


Moms on the Run offers training programs and social media groups to current customers who are training for a marathon or half marathon.

Our training plans have been designed by our National Fitness Director, Olympian Carrie Tollefson.



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