Our training schedules map out the intervals and workouts for each week of the program. They are located on the homepage of your current program in GEMS which is our registration system. You must be logged in to view the schedule. Please do not share these scheduled outside of our group – these are a benefit solely for those who have purchased a Moms on the Run program.

There will be no class on holidays, certain holiday weekends and/or days before or after a holiday, and race days/weekends that are officially promoted as part of the MOTR program. On dates where we do not have class, class members not absent for the holiday or participating in a race are welcome to get together to complete a workout without their coach. Make-up classes in other locations are welcome within reason. Regular attendance at another location requires double enrollment, which is available at a discount. There may be other local races that your particular class location may decide to do together, and your instructor will decide whether to hold class.



At the beginning of your next class session or even before the season starts, your instructor and/or franchise owner might setup a brief introductory meeting to hand out your season materials and make sure your membership account is ready to go with a signed release form.

This is a great chance to get any questions answered that you may have about the season. If you are not able to attend, please arrive to your first class 15 minutes early.


The first day will start with a brief meeting and fun icebreaker therefore, please allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for this class. ALL PARTICIPANTS are encouraged to attend the first class, even if it is not a day you are normally able to run. The first class will take place even in rain at all locations that have access to indoor facilities or a large shelter.

Please allow for extra time to be at class the first 3-4 times, as there may be new participant paperwork and opportunities to get to know each other. After this introductory period, we promise to try to stick with the schedule and get you out on time.


  • Good running shoes
  • Water (If your meeting location has restrooms, please be aware of the hours of operation for your location’s facilities when planning your fluid consumption)
  • Jogging stroller if you have a child
  • Sports interval timing watch or interval training app (optional)
  • Exercise mat
  • Dumbbells or stretch fitness band

Please learn to program your watch for intervals before your first class, as there won’t be class time available for teaching this. If a watch isn’t in your budget – no worries – you can keep an eye on your own watch or use an interval app on your phone*, or you can keep an eye on the rest of the class; there will likely be enough participants with watches. *Many of our locations use the Seconds Interval app, The paid version has our workouts pre-programmed and ready to go.

We recommend an exercise mat for stretching and strength. The ground pavement/grass may be wet or there may be chemicals sprayed on grass.


If you are among the last to leave the workout site please make sure no one is left alone. Let’s watch each other get strollers packed up, make sure cars start, etc. If participants want to stay after and chat, the instructor is free to leave as long as there are at least two participants staying.

We recommend several runners from each group bring their phones along for the workout.

We don’t recommend running with earbuds, for ultimate safety and awareness of your surroundings, and connection with your classmates. We understand that music can be very motivating and helpful and if you choose to listen to your tunes, please leave one ear open for communicating with the instructor.

​Another important safety and etiquette tip on the trails is to always stay on the right and be watching for other runners and cyclists that may want to pass you. Do not run more than 2 people side-by-side. 


Children are welcome at your own discretion, to be in a stroller, bike, walk or jog with you, etc. They are your responsibility and must not be a danger to others on the trail. Please advise them to put safety first and stay out of the way of participants. They are not considered to be a part of the program, and you will release liability for them on your waiver. In past classes some children have been there regularly and others have been there occasionally. We know some moms see this class as their break from kids, while others do not have child care. Please respect each other’s choices.


Not only do larger class sizes help keep our prices low, but also are the preference among most members. More camaraderie, more fun… and it’s more likely that someone else in the program will be at your pace! Our instructor/coach to participant ratio is usually 1:10-30 depending on participant pace levels. Due to the high amount of late registrations, it may take a bit to get enough instructors and coaches in place in locations where extras are needed. For our smaller programs, we will continue to market to build the program after the start of the season. Ask us about referral bonuses for bringing friends into the program!


We know you’ll make this a priority (after all it’s no fun to make up the workouts on your own) but it’s understandable that everyone will miss classes, especially in the summer. We have found in the past that average attendance is around 50-70%. If you miss classes, you don’t get discouraged and COME BACK!

Please try to complete the workouts on your own when you miss, but even if you have not, come back! Attendance is taken at every interval class for the purpose of accountability and if applicable, awards at the end of the season. Cancel your enrollment in your GEMS account calendar if you’ll miss one of your scheduled classes. Race participation during a given week always counts for attendance. Please let your instructor know if you were gone from class due to a race.

Your instructor will need to miss classes too. They’ll make effort to find a sub, but in the rare event this doesn’t happen, you’ll have the workout schedule and be able to complete the workout. If your instructor hasn’t arrived 5 minutes into the class time, feel free to get started. You’re welcome to make-up a class if this happens at any location any time, if another location is available. We have a flexible class make-up policy: any time you need to miss, any time there is a weather cancellation, any time there is a class off for a holiday or race, you can make it up in another location any time. Please give the other location a heads up before you come, and you can find the contact for that location on the website. If you don’t have other nearby locations, your coach will be sure to offer make-up opportunities per your class cancellation/make-up policy.


We welcome women of all fitness levels in our program and love to help you achieve a variety of goals. During out workouts we will get quite spread out and there won’t necessarily always be someone at your exact pace, but your coaches will run like crazy to touch base with you at least once during every class! We strongly recommend timing the workout with your own watch or interval timing app, as we cannot guarantee all runners will hear the instructor’s whistle every time.

We all have different learning styles and ways we like to work on our goals. We know some prefer to be more independent in their workouts, while others appreciate as many tips and as much motivation as they can get! Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on the level of coaching you are receiving. We are happy to listen, advise, and offer any assistance that may be helpful. Likewise, we will reach out when we can, to help you improve your form or reduce your risk of injuries.


You will likely be successful in this program if you complete 2 cardio and strength workouts a week (the class workout 2 times, so if you only attend once, you MUST do the workout one other time on your own). It is highly recommended to do 3 cardio workouts a week for injury prevention and for better results. Your workout schedule will contain suggestions for your non-class days, including cardio and strength training.

In each program, the difficulty level is up to the individual. You decide how hard to push yourself in each of the intervals. We understand that many women find they are between levels with their fitness. Women are welcome to experiment with more than one workout schedule. If running itself is new to your body, please choose the learn to run program to avoid shin splints from the new impact you are experiencing. If you are a fitness “regular” the workouts may be easy for you at first but will quickly pick up in intensity.



Many cities will have a specific walking program available, and walking is welcome at all locations. Not everyone’s bodies want to run, and that’s okay! The walking workout is a great option for those who have injury issues or feel jogging is too stressful on their joints, or for any reason at all. Walking can be just as challenging and effective for your fitness level as jogging. Walkers will follow an interval schedule that is similar to the intermediate runners, except at slower and faster walking speeds.


Beginning Runners will move from “mostly walking” to “mostly running” or entirely running by the end of the 18 week period. The program is a gradual progression of running intervals. It is okay if you aren’t able to keep up with the exact schedule. Extra walking is always welcome! Listen to your body.


This schedule is available by request or will be directly offered by locations with the coaching staff and enrollment levels to support it. This training program is for an individual who already has previous running experience and for the most part, has a base of running for 30 minutes but prefers the run/walk method. This schedule is intended to incorporate walk breaks throughout the season using traditional run/walk intervals, with the running portion always being longer than the walks. 


This training program is designed for an individual who already has previous running experience and is able to run 30 minutes without walking breaks. It is specifically designed for those wanting to improve both speed and endurance by utilizing speed work. Individuals choose their intensity to adapt the workout to their level. This training schedule may including hill work, tempo, speed play, progression, pyramid runs and lots of variety to keep workouts interesting!


Our Fit2Run program includes running form education, strength and toning exercises for your entire body, and proactive injury prevention through our dynamic warm-up and flexibility training. Your fitness level, running abilities, and metabolism will all get a boost! We want you to get a comprehensive strength and cardiovascular workout at least twice a week. The workout will be an appropriate and adaptable challenge for every fitness level. Please let your instructor know if you find any particular exercise to be aggravating an injury or too difficult to perform so that she can help you find an appropriate modification. Just as well, if you complete a particular exercise and do not feel challenged enough for the muscle group being worked, let her know that too, so she can suggest a way to make it harder.


For locations that offer 3 meetings a week, one of these will focus on increasing distance for the intermediate runners. This program offers the flexibility to add or decrease miles during this workout to meet your personal goals. The coach will be following a schedule to help those who are interested be at the 10k distance by the end of the season.

Our upcoming programs will then offer optional 7-9 mile training runs, for the sake of training for 10 mile races and half marathons. This third workout night/day is also available for beginning runners to come for walking or to do an additional walk/run interval workout with their team. We especially encourage the third workout for those who have missed either of the other weekly workouts as a way to stay connected with the support of their team, and of course not have to work out alone! Our endurance workouts are generally led by volunteer coaches and offer a casual, flexible class structure. Adding distance is not recommended right away for the beginners, but you may feel comfortable adding on some distance as the season progresses. All are welcome to attend these workouts even if they want to stick with walk/run intervals and go a shorter distance.


Nutrition is a big factor when it comes to your fitness goals, especially since feeling good and having energy impacts not only on exercise but on daily life. Many women have a goal of weight loss in their fitness activities, but it’s important to understand the importance of exercise even for weight maintenance. The average person gains 5 pounds a year. We need to make healthier choices just to maintain, and exercise is a great lifestyle choice for keeping a healthy weight. We always hope to use our classes to educate and motivate women to make improvements in their health, energy levels and fitness state by improving nutritional choices. Combining proper dietary changes with your exercise program will yield incredible results in health and energy – when progress is made slow and steady, the kind of changes that can be maintained. Occasionally we may incorporate fun nutritional challenges. In addition, optional nutrition programming services are currently in the works.



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