One of the goals of this program is to stay less than the cost of other private fitness programs for women, and in addition be able to give a portion of the profits to charity, while at the same time not denying anyone participation for inability to pay. The price is set based upon these goals. Expenses and therefore prices vary by city. Your class fee covers the instruction, organization and administration of the program, which includes legal fees, instructors, insurance, web maintenance, shirts, supplies and marketing. But that’s boring! We hope that from your perspective your investment creates commitment, and brings with it motivation, accountability, a structured exercise program, guidance and fun!

Because the administrative financial and time investment of the program is largely finished before the class even starts, there will be no refunds for any reason. If in any event you need to drop from the class in the first 2 weeks , you may apply 50% of your class fee towards a future class for yourself or a friend. This policy benefits the participants as well. When life gets hectic or obstacles get in the way, it is all too easy for women to throw in the towel on their exercise program. We will do whatever we can to help this program work for you, such as allowing you to make up classes in other locations if available. Injured participants are encouraged to come and walk if possible, to still be a part of the group and have regular accountability for exercise. For more info on the refund policy, please check out the FAQ page on the website.

Monthly subscription plans have been recently added as a pay-as-you-go option with less upfront commitment. These have different terms that may vary by location, but generally require 30-day notice for cancellation and an administrative processing fee will apply. 

Class will be canceled when the heat index reaches 100, when the air chill temp is below zero, and when the air quality alert is red. If the heat index is questionable or approaching 100, a modified workout may be substituted such as walking only, with participants being required to carry water. Class will not be cancelled due to light or moderate rain but definitely in hard rain or storms. Your local site may have additional weather policies related to local environment and conditions.

If you usually bring a child to class you may want to have a backup plan for child care just in case. Please use your best judgment with the weather as it may be a last minute call, and it’s often a very tough one! Understand that not all instructors live in the immediate area of their class location. IF it isn’t obvious, please stay tuned to your email or text* up until a half hour before class starts. Your instructor will use the GEMS scheduling system to notify you of the class cancellation, so it is important that your enrollment information is up to date.

*You may choose email and/or text notifications in your account. Your instructor will not be able to call all participants. Weather cancellations are assumed when setting the rates for the class. Generally two cancellations are “allowed” each day/night per season (for example: two on Tuesdays two on Saturdays). If we happen to have any more than this, the classes will be made up with a class time that works for the instructor and the majority. There will not necessarily be any make-ups for endurance run workouts.

We have a very flexible class make-up policy! You are free to attend any other MOTR location if available, to make-up for any class you missed, whether due to a class cancellation for a race or weather, or your own schedule. We recommend contacting the owner of the location you wish to visit in case anything has changed about the class meeting that day. All locations are independently owned and operated. You may not attend another location “regularly” without enrollment in that location. If you want to drop in for one additional class at another location, we have a reduced drop-in rate for members.

Everyone is required to have a liability waiver on file before their first workout. This is done through creating your GEMS registration account. If you are bringing a friend who is not a regular participant, Please let your instructor know ahead of time so that she can prepare in advance with an invitation to create an account. Do not bring cash to class; we will bill you (or your friend).

We reserve the right to use all photos and videos taken at class and events in promotions and advertising and your release form provides this  permission.  Photos and videos may include children in attendance. Please try to exclude yourself or your child from photos and/or videos if you do not want the chance of your photo or video being used.  When this is not preventable, please ask your instructor or photographer/videographer and MOTR immediately – in writing – to not use the photo or video, with a description of the specific photo or video.



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