We’re so excited to invite you to join us in the next phase of the MOTRwell program! MOTRwell Momentum will run from November 1 through the rest of the year.

Let’s get through those tough holiday months! This program will continue to inspire you, motivate you, and give you dietitian access.  As we kick off the next 8 weeks, take some time to review the content from the curriculum below. If you do better taking things in bits and pieces, we recommend getting through “2 weeks” of content for each of the first 6 weeks of this program.

If you are new to MOTRwell, please be sure to access the starter guide as well so that you can have a quick-start summary. Be sure to join us on Facebook and to stay tuned to your weekly emails and participate in our nutrition challenges. Here’s to a happy, healthy holiday season!  


This 12 week program will change your life, and I’m so excited for you to be part of this!

We’ll be walking through the same concepts that have helped literally THOUSANDS of our private clients boost their energy levels and self confidence while making the most of their workouts. It’s an accumulation of what I’ve spent the past 7 years working on full-time with one-on-one clients –– getting them real, lasting results.

I can’t wait to walk you through the experience you’re about to have—to see you discover the energy, focus, mental clarity and everything else that will come from learning about the many different pieces in your personal puzzle and how to put ‘em all together.

Wahoo! So glad you’re here!
-Dietitian Cassie
* This website and guide are exclusively for participants of MOTRwell. We ask that you do not distribute these materials to those outside the program.

Access Your MOTRwell Starter Guide

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