Jacksonville-Mandarin Moms on the Run inspires and transforms women through a healthy lifestyle of fitness, fun and friendship. We offer instructor-led fitness programming to women of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re training for your first 5K, a longer distance, want to increase your strength or looking for walking buddies, we have a program for you. You’ll make new friends, find accountability, and have fun while working toward a healthier lifestyle.


This 60-80 minute class will focus on building speed and strength endurance through longer intervals with option for comfortable pace or faster pace for those who want to improve their speed. Class includes a warm up, drills, main set with options based on current fitness level and cool down.

Members may leave at 6am or stay till 6:20 for runner-specific strength training.

Bring: Yoga mat and water bottle ​

Location: Duval County School Board Building, San Marco

Our 60 minute Signature Training class includes 35 minutes of cardiovascular interval training for all levels, a warm-up and cool-down, 10-15 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of stretching. Interval training improves strength, speed, cardiovascular fitness, metabolism and running performance. We believe that strength training is an integral part of training as a runner. To run strong, we must BE STRONG! Our strength work focuses on runner specific exercises that will help us avoid injuries, tone and tighten muscles and run longer and faster!

Location: River City Science Academy Mandarin

This 60 minute class focuses on building strength, endurance, power and efficiency running “Florida hills” aka bridge repeats! In “flat Florida” we must find ways to train hills and there’s no better way to do it than with friends!

This class will start with a dynamic warm up then repeats over the bridges to build strength in our legs, hips and glutei. Class will end with gentle stretching and we will be on our way to start our day after a great morning workout session!

Options: Mandarin or Downtown/San Marco (message us for location details)

Our 60 minute Signature Training class includes 35 minutes of conversation paced cardiovascular interval training for all levels, a warm-up and cool-down, 10-15 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of stretching.

Conversation pace interval training improves strength, speed, cardiovascular fitness, metabolism and running performance.

We believe that strength training is an integral part of training as a runner. To run strong, we must live strong! Our strength work focuses on runner specific exercises that will help us avoid injuries, tone and tighten muscles and live a healthy active lifestyle without everyday life injuries.

Depending on attendees, distances vary from 80 minutes of walking, run/walk up to 4 hours of time on feet for those training for half to full marathons. Each Endurance class includes dynamic stretching, warm up, cardio with walking, run/walk intervals, cool down, static stretching and a small amount of post run bodyweight strength. ALL paces and ALL fitness levels welcome.

At our weekly Destination Run, our Jacksonville-Mandarin, St Johns and Nocatee locations come together for our long run! We will break into groups according to fitness level and walk or run at our current fitness level.

Class includes dynamic stretching, warm up, cardio with run/walk or walking, cool down, stretching and mobility.

Location: Starting location & route changes weekly. Each route includes water stops and directional signage. Our weekly Endurance Run/Walk schedule is sent to members at the beginning of each season and members receive reminders with directions to start locations each week.

Early start options with running buddies available weekly for those training for long distance races with additional mileage needs.

There’s no reason for you to run alone!

Class Description

With the needs of runners in mind, this class will help you prepare for your weekly workouts, restore your body and calm your mind for the challenges of the week ahead. Keep your muscles long and strong while using yoga to improve breathing, flexibility and core strength.

Recommended Props

2 Blocks (or large hardcover books/sturdy shoeboxes), straps (or necktie, scarf, robe tie, dog leash, towel), sturdy blanket, pillow/couch cushion, chair (folding chair works best), wall

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  • 1 Class/Week: $49/month
  • Unlimited: $69/month
  • Ultra Unlimited: $79/month

*Note: You may pause your Jacksonville-Mandarin subscription for up to two months for a $10 admin fee. You may cancel at any time after your first payment with 30 days’ written notice and a $25 cancellation fee. Email to request a pause or cancellation of your subscription.

​​If you have any questions about enrollment or need financial aid, contact


This program offers the ultimate flexibility for those who have an unpredictable schedule and prefer to make one payment for the current season with no long term commitment.

*Does not include ​monthly subscription perks. ​​​For ALL the perks, see Monthly Membership Subscription above. 

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Amy, coach and owner of Jacksonville-Mandarin, Nocatee and St. Johns, running in the sun with a smile and Moms on the Run visor


Coach Amy started MOTR Jax in September 2017 with the goal of helping women to get moving and to feel good in their own skin. Her love of running started after having her son in 2010 and struggling to get the baby weight off. Although her mom was a long time marathoner, Amy thought running was stupid and boring…until she lost all the baby weight and fell in love with running!

More than10 years later, Amy has ran 20 marathons, 50+ half marathons and numerous shorter distance races.

​Coach Amy is your MOTR Jacksonville-Mandarin Head Coach. She’ll be the one who’ll call you when you don’t show up, encourage you to stay consistent, and help you navigate any aches and pains along the way. She’s known for being tough – but encouraging – as she pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you reach your health and fitness goals! ​

​Amy’s favorite quote: “Hard work is fun! There’s something unsatisfying about things that come too easily.”


Tiffany has been with MOTR since the spring of 2018 and has improved leaps and bounds in her consistency and dedication to her health and fitness. She is the consummate support system for our women and is always smiling and taking fun selfies.

​Tiffany shared, “I am beyond grateful and blessed to be a coach with Moms on the Run. These amazing women have inspired and motivated me to become a better version of myself and I am excited to continue to support, encourage and celebrate each of you as you reach and surpass your goals!” ​

​Tiffany’s  favorite quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” ​


Coach KC is 67, married for 34 years, has 3 kids and 7 grandchildren!

She began running years ago with her daughter Samantha while at the same time maintaining a horrible smoking habit. In 2005, she decided to train for her first marathon in order to quit smoking for good. She ran many 5Ks, Half Marathons and 4 marathons before giving up running for about 10 years due to lung issues and an injury.

In 2019 her good friend and our St Johns Head Coach, Tiffany DeTardo, talked her into visiting a Moms on the Run social event where she met Ginny, a member who said “just come out for one run with us”.

The next day she was at a long run and from that moment she was hooked! KC loves what MOTR represents and has done for other women and herself. She knows that running will keep her healthy so she can be around a lot longer for her grandchildren.

Coach KC’s goal is to do for others what other MOTR coaches have done for her; help you find, or bring back, your love of running and living a healthy lifestyle. KC has a lot more races in her future and she is looking forward to lots more friends whose lives she can touch at MOTR Nocatee!


Month of Miles: June 1-30

Welcome to our Month of Miles, where every step counts towards your streak of consecutive days of running or walking!

This challenge will help keep you moving all month. How many days in a row can you go? How many days in June can you log activity? Whether you're jogging, sprinting, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, every movement contributes to your streak.

Participants receive an awesome t-shirt, mileage tracking sheet, and the ability to win awesome prizes on our Facebook page.

Learn more about the challenge and register.

*We advise NOT increasing your running if you are already where you want to be with your mileage. We strongly advise not increasing running mileage by more than 10% a week.

Month of Miles challenge by Moms on the Run


We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. We appreciate you and are here to cheer you on every step of the way!

To access your class schedule, update payment information or make changes to your profile, visit your member account.

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Amy Magdalein

Franchise Owner Amy waves while running a race


Tuesday Morning Speed Work – 5am at Duval County School Board 
1701 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207

We meet at the Duval County School Board Building along the river.

Tuesday Evening Signature Interval Class – 7pm at River City Science Academy Mandarin
10911 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257

We meet at River City Science Academy Mandarin on Tuesday evenings in Mandarin.

Thursday Morning Hill/Bridge Class – 5am at Palmetto Leaves Regional Park
5760 Greenland Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258

We meet at Palmetto Leaves Regional Park on Thursday mornings for hill/bridge work.

Thursday Evening Signature Interval Class – 7pm at Losco Regional Park
10931 Hood Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257

We meet at Losco Regional Park for our Signature Interval Class Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Sunday Morning Endurance Run or Walk + Mobility – 6am on Sunday mornings
Different location around Jacksonville, St Johns and Nocatee every Sunday morning!

Sunday Endurance Run Schedule sent to members at the beginning of each season.


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Our unique approach features women of all ages and fitness levels supporting other women. A strong sense of community thrives in this fun team environment. Ultimately, this is the trigger that helps you establish and stick to your fitness routines.

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Our friendly and professional coaching staff, including certified fitness instructors, offers additional support and expert advice.

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Encouragement and accountability are our forte. Over time, you will form friendships that will help you stay accountable to regular exercise, the program and to each other. Our members-only Facebook group provides support outside of class and helps us stay connected. ​


Moms on the Run offers training programs and social media groups to current customers who are training for a marathon or half marathon.

Our training plans have been designed by our National Fitness Director, Olympian Carrie Tollefson and each training plan comes with access to the Final Surge training app with your full training plan including cardio, strength and mobility. You will also have access to your local RRCA Certified Coach for questions about your training!

5 Moms on the Run members running in a race


Let us know if you would like to learn more about our program or have questions.


    Stay up-to-date on the latest Jacksonville-Mandarin and North Florida area happenings!


    We have volunteer coaching opportunities for women who love running and have a strong interest in motivating others. Coaches receive free membership and other perks. Contact us today!