Moms On The Run Stories

"I just wanted to thank Moms on the Run for an incredible program. I was a reluctant runner when I joined the program. Always last in the pack, but knew I needed to stick with it. Besides getting me in shape, it's just an absolute blast to be a part of it & meet other moms. Last fall, I had a heart attack. My cardiologist told me he thinks the only reason I survived is because of the cardiovascular health of my heart - 100% attributable to my running program. So thank you, Moms on the Run, for not only teaching me to love running, but also for saving my life - literally."
Shannon, 39, Chaska

“THANK YOU so much for having a GREAT program for MOMS!!! I really enjoyed it and I will be back next year!”
Shelley, 43, White Bear Lake

“I don't really know where to start, but I wanted to be sure to say THANK YOU for putting the MOTR program together. Since joining MOTR I have lost 18 pounds. This is the first time in my life I have stayed accountable to any exercise program. I was looking for something to do to get in shape and decided to give running a try, even though I had never run before. I went from barely being able to run for 2 minutes, to running my first 5k in 34 minutes, to my best 5k in 28.14. I feel so much stronger and healthier and I actually look forward to MOTR nights! And, beyond the program itself, I have enjoyed every single person I have met as part of the program. Coach Laura and Marchelle are amazing, I cannot say enough about each of them. I have also made so many new friends that I know I will stay in contact with. Many of us are continuing to the Fall program and almost everyone who has stuck with the program has commited to coming out again next summer. MOTR is amazing! The decision to join was the best thing I did this year!”
Jill, 39, Lakeville

“THANKS TO MOTR and “Hot Sweaty Mamas”, not only have I run my first 5K, I've also done my second 5K race and I'll be doing my third, have completed two Tri's and one duathlon...and run all the way around White Bear Lake, all in the past 6-8 months. I'm down 10 pounds, I'm eating so much better and loving life. My husband has also run his first 5K, my kids have done their first and 2nd kids Tri, and even our dogs have gotten more fit!”
Catherine, 46, White Bear Lake

“I LOVED our Apple Valley program and especially the boot camp! The instructor was amazing and she worked us hard and kept it fresh and different each time. Her wealth of knowledge and information she provided us both in and out of the class was exactly what I hoped for in a trainer. I was REALLY PLEASED! I was pleasantly surprised at the results of interval training (running hard and then walking) too. The bar has been raised! :)”
Jennifer, 40, Farmington

“I run faster thanks to you!!! It's been so fun to have a new group of friends to do this with. I have fabulous circle of women in my life, but none of them live close to me, so it's always been hard to motivate myself to work out. Moms on the Run has been just what I needed and I feel so much healthier now.”
Shaun, 38, Blaine

“Thanks so much for creating these classes - I have told many friends about this great concept of exercising for all skill levels, fellowship, and fun! I also wanted to tell you how much I liked Stephanie's leadership and encouragement. I really enjoyed this class. It helped me - for the first time in many years - to start exercising consistently 4-5 times per week. I am going to be running my first 5K on my 40th birthday!”
Amie, 39, Vadnais Heights

“I wanted to let you know how much I am thoroughly enjoying my MOTR and don't look forward to the end - it has been such a life changing experience for me opening up the world of running and 'exercising' really ...Thanks for creating this program for people like us - sure appreciate it!”
Brenda, 39, Blaine

“MOTR has made a huge difference in my wellbeing already. I can't believe how much more energy I have, that my headaches are gone, and that I no longer crave Diet Coke. Just getting out and moving 2x a week and drinking all that water has really made me feel like a new person. Thanks for Moms on the Run. It was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for! Thanks for helping us all be better moms.”
Katie, 33, Lakeville

“Thanks to MOTR for a fun summer season. I had so much fun with the Apple Valley/Rosemount group of runners! I love MOTR!”
Amy, 35, Bloomington

“Last night was FABULOUS!! I was extremely happy with class and feel very motivated to continue. Everyone was on the same path, I could hear and see someone at all times and even though I thought I might die at boot camp(!!) it was wonderful. Thank you so much!”

"Here's some proof that interval training works: I ran the TC 1 Mile with a new PR of 8:59 (my goal was 10 minutes!). Thank you MOTR :)"
Steph, 46, Robbinsdale

“What an amazing, surprising delight it has been to be a part of your program. I truly NEVER thought I'd make it to the end of this. All of my old friends are saying: "YOU? RUNNING? IN A RACE??? NO WAY!!" Your program has proven that ANYONE can do it if they follow the plan you've laid out and have GREAT instructors. I appreciate your program which has not only gotten me to start running, but even more so to a healthier lifestyle.“
Michelle, 40, Shoreview mom of 2

“I wanted to let you know how much I am thoroughly enjoying my MOTR and don't look forward to the end - it has been such a life changing experience for me opening up the world of running and 'exercising' ... Thanks for creating this program for people like us - sure appreciate it!”
Brenda, 38, Blaine mom to Jane Rose

"I joined the Moms on the Run class because it was time to get in shape. I couldn't even run for 1 minute when I joined. Through joining and completing the class, I not only became a runner, but lost 20 pounds in the process. It also allowed me to make some great friends and spend quality time with my daughter."
Tia, 29, Forest Lake

“I am pretty proud of myself. I never would have been able to do this without Moms On The Run! Thank you.”
Sharon, 53, Shoreview mom of 3 after her first 5 mile race

“My friend asked if I’d join with her…and I was like “um, no thanks!” But then I saw that I knew the instructor and decided to reluctantly give it a try. After weeks of struggling with an upcoming follow-up oncology appointment, I decided that I needed to change my thoughts…my focus. I needed to be more proactive about taking care of myself – eating better, exercising regularly…instead of sitting there helplessly waiting for cancer to “happen again”. As I result, I have lost 23 pounds…and can run 30 minutes without stopping. Something I could have NEVER imagined!!! Karissa…you, my instructor, and my running buddies have changed my life. CHANGED my LIFE! And I will forever be grateful.”
Wendi, 37, White Bear Lake mom of 2, cancer survivor

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful your program is. Without you, I would never have gotten off my butt and gotten into better shape. I've lost about 20 pounds, I'm eating right now and I feel TONS better. I also don't have headaches or backaches anymore. I feel like I'm going to be a lifelong runner, all thanks to you.”
Michelle, 46, Hugo mom of 4

"I never imaged that I would look forward to running on a Saturday morning! Karissa has brought running to a whole new audience. I feel so supported when participating in her classes. The best part of the weekly runs was the conversations during running. If you are looking for a way to be motivated, join us this year! I can't wait for the spring session to start!"
Angela, 39, Forest Lake

“Thanks for putting this together. I think this program is so awesome! I just wish there was a fall session!! The next time you have a session here, I'll for sure sign up again. This program did so much for me -- I never was able to run before and I can now! And I actually stuck with it!! It was awesome and Alison was a terrific instructor.”
Melissa, 29, WBL mom of 4

“Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us. It has been a wonderful season and I, personally, am very proud of what I have accomplished. I am excited to keep on going!”
Kelly, 32, Woodbury mom

“I feel so strong and am amazed that I really became so fast! It's one of those things that I never imagined I would be doing. It's been so much fun and I already feel strange and sad knowing that the season is done. I will definitely be back in the spring and still have three more races this fall! Thank you for all your work and for helping us achieve things we would never have done!”
Molly, 32, Hugo mom of 3, professional figure skater

“I have to thank you too. I really enjoyed joining MOR. Your program was exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to the next challenge of fall boot camp.”
Carolyn, 48, Mahtomedi

“I went running while on vacation this last two weeks- that has never happened!! 25 minutes, no stopping!! I'm loving having the ability to run, thank you so much for helping me change my life for the better! Can't wait for next spring! I'll be back!!”
Christy, 30, WBL mom to 2

“I was not a runner and never thought I would be a runner. Every interval, every time I ran, was a milestone. It’s still hard to believe I went from not being able to run to the end of my block to running over a mile!”
Angela, 36, Shoreview mom of 2

“I’ve always been an athlete, but never a runner. As a homeschooling mom of a 6, 4, and 2 year old, time to myself is rare indeed, as it is for most of the runners. I started running on my own in March and then started Moms on the Run in May. This class gave me the motivation, accountability, and training schedule to turn me from someone reluctantly running so my butt wouldn’t get big, to someone who loves running and looks forward to it four times a week. I’ve been impressed with how the interval training helps increase speed. It has been fun and incredibly motivating to get faster and feel stronger while paying a lot less than I pay for my gym membership. I’m already looking forward to fall!”
DeNae, 33, Blaine mom of 3

“I love the classes so I am thankful that you are continuing them. Looking forward to spring. I can't wait!”
Tracy, 41, Lino Lakes, not a mom!

“This program is great and I am working on recruiting others for next year! Thank you for making this available, it is so great!! : )“
Allie,30, Rosemount mom

“I had just the best time this summer - I'm sure you hear this from everyone, but when we first started I wasn't sure I was going to be able to run 2 minutes let alone a whole 5k, but I did it and enjoyed it!! I had so much fun at the final race that my husband and I ran another 5k the next day!!! What an awesome program you have!! I hope to be back in the Spring!”
Katie, 33, WBL mom of 2

“Thanks for a great season. It was so great to challenge myself and to meet so many fun women!”
Mary Beth, 41, Woodbury mom of 3

"I can't believe what I have accomplished through MOR. When I joined in the spring I had never ran before and now I am completing 5k's and even 5 mile runs. I feel great and have lost 20 pounds. I even bought a treadmill to make sure I can keep up the running over the winter. I never knew I had it in me! I am looking forward to class next spring"
Becky, 40, Shoreview mom of 2

"Former "I hate running" Mom is now converted! The class was just what I needed to understand why so many people are runners. The pace of the class and the other runners kept me going forward with a positive attitude. Before I knew it, I was running for 30 minutes straight. With my training partner by my side we kept focused on our mutual goal and pushed each other through those runs we didn't think we could do. Running my first 5K was an amazing experience. I was more excited than nervous, and crossing the finishing line was one of those life experiences I will never forget."
Anne, 38, Shoreview mom of 2

"After moving to Minnesota from Phoenix and a little desperate from gaining "winter weight" I knew I had to do something !!! At 43 I had never ran before and it didn't seem to be an option for me with 2 little kids, but the class caught my eye. I was one of the older ladies in the group and at first it was really hard and COLD.......but then the pounds came off, I started making friends, and now I am addicted to running and can't wait for the next class to begin!!!!"
Suzie, 43, Forest Lake

"Karissa made me feel welcome the very first class and gave me many options to suit my level of strength after having a baby. Not only was I spending quality time with my son, I was taking care of myself and getting a workout. Karissa knows firsthand how to juggle a family and take care of the mommy in me!"
Courtney, 27, Forest Lake

"Joining the running group gave me increased endurance-not only physical stamina, but my staying power for being a mom and writer. This class strengthens the spirit."
Jennifer Silvera, 35, mom of two, author

"My chiropractor asked if I had changed my workout routine, because she noticed my muscle tone had improved!"
Kari, 33, Forest Lake mom of 2

"Karissa and her crew not only kept me accountable, but inspired me to show up! I met ladies who were where I am in my life- young children, busy schedules and "sagging parts" with a will for change. These ladies were wonderful in their ability to keep me coming back for more. I can't wait to give my 'parts' a workout again."
Nancy, Scandia mom of 4

"Exercise to me was always something I just did; not because I liked it but because I had to in order to fit into my clothes. I was neither athletic nor very fit and became tired and bored easily with exercise programs. When I started running with this group it was very difficult for me but the other ladies kept me focused with their encouragement and their examples. Today, I love running- I look forward to it and I have transformed my health and my body."
Jeri, 28, Forest Lake

"I was introduced to Moms on the Run when the flyer fell out of my weekly newspaper, a great group of women and a great way to exercise literally fell right into my lap!  The opportunity was too obvious for me to pass up, so being new to Forest Lake I thought I would give it a try.  I knew I could run, I had done it off and on for years, but I had never tried a running group.  My one hesitation was that I was not a mom, I only have a dog! Karissa and the rest of the ladies made me feel welcome from the start.  I enjoyed the conversations we had running and I have learned a lot about running, overall health and wellbeing, the strength of women in general, and also many helpful hints for when motherhood does come my way!  In addition to those bits of fun I have also become hooked on running, I have missed it in the "off season" and often find myself at the gym on the treadmill or even running the trail on my own sometimes.  I also know that if I am in the need of a running companion I can call up any of the ladies in the group and they would be happy to join me!  I recommend the group to anyone, mom or not!"
Bridget, Forest Lake, not a mom!