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Spring and Summer Session: April 21 - August 31 

John Withers Sports Complex - 2021 Mayowood Rd SW

Dates and Times:  April 21st - August 31st (18 weeks)

Wednesdays  7:00-8:00 PM  Interval Classes
Sundays  7:00 - 8:00 PM Interval Classes
Mondays - Endurance/Distance Days 6AM and 7PM 

Class Fee Options - Full Spring and Summer Sessions (18 weeks)*

$269 - 3 classes per week (includes both interval classes and the endurace class)

$249 - 2 classes per week (any 2 classes of your choice)

$199 - Any 20 Classes during the 18 weeks

Spring Session Only - April 21 - June 29 (10 weeks)*

$165 -  3 classes per week (includes both interval classes and the endurace class)

$155 -   2 classes per week 

$120 - 1 class per week

Summer Session Only - July 7 - August 31 (8 weeks)*

$150 - 3 classes per week

$140 - 2 classes per week

$115 - 1 class per week


Additional Classes
Next Phase Accelerated Class - begins in May for 8 weeks
Sundays @ 6pm 

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What is Moms On The Run?

We are a group of women of all ages and fitness levels. We provide a unique workout for dedicated women that want to get fit. We incorporate strength training, plyometrics, cardio and core exercises in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere so that you can start out right where you are at, and with coaching, encouragement, and dedication, reach your specific fitness goals. 
If you've been waiting for the motivation to get your start as a runner, this program is for you! Classes are available for walkers, beginning and intermediate runners. Run your first 5K, improve your speed and endurance, or stay motivated in your walking routine! The group is for all women, not just moms, and all fitness levels are welcome. We focus on interval training to increase our cardiovascular fitness levels and maximize metabolism benefits. You'll start out right where you are at, and walk/jog/run your way up to your very first race or a new personal record!

Register early to guarantee your spot in our classes today.

What you will see in our spring outdoor classes:

  • Coach led walking and running interval classes   
  • 15 minutes of strength and conditioning designed to prevent injuries and improve running form 
  • Flexibility to come to a variety of classes.  
  • Great coaching support. 
  • Fun ladies night outs for making new friends and hanging out with old ones!
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Team Races
  • Total Body Fitness classes indoor and outdoor

Your class fee includes: a structured, guided exercise program, accountability, motivation, new friends, and lots of FUN! Our ladies enjoy entering races as well as engaging in volunteer and social activities outside of class.

Before you register, please click here to see if you should consult a physician before beginning our program.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please call me at 507.218.2050 or email me at 



Our MOTR Staff

Amy Stockton

I  grew up in Southeast Minnesota and have been living in Rochester for the past four years. My husband, JP, and I have 5 children ages 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2.  Our family truly enjoy the trails here in Rochester and spending time outdoors year round.

My education is in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and I worked for several years as a Certified Athletic Trainer, but my expertise is in motivation, encouragement and the desire to help people make a healthy lifestyle a priority.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom/home school mom.  I have been a runner my entire life... my college friends use to ask me "where's the fire?" as I would run from one activity to the next!   My hope is to motivate you to reach whatever your goals may be and to build a group that will stay the course through the friendship and encouragement of other women.  



What Women Have To Say About MOTR

"I've been a runner much of my life, but through Amy and the MOTR program I was blown away at how fast I was able to significantly improve my pace, make my workouts more fun and become a more confident runner. Thank you MOTR for unleashing a greater passion within me for running!"
   -Michelle, Mom of 2



"I joined MOTR to get faster at my 5K time and to meet new people that shared my passion of running.  Well, I got more than that!  I did get an awesome PR for my 5K time, but I also ran in a 10 mile race.  Doing the interval training and the long runs really helped prepare me for my races.  I have also made many new friends and I love the accountability within our group.  I really needed a push sometimes and just showing up to class was it.  Once I was there if was like an instant mood changer.  Moms on the Run is a great program and I tell all my friends and co-workers about it all the time!"
~Jessica, Mom of 1



"MOTR was great for me!  I had never been a runner before and started out very intimidated.  Amy was always a wonderful encourager, as well as the other ladies who ran.  I ran my first ever 5K at the beginning of the summer and ended the summer with my 2nd 5K.  I had improved my time by about 5 1/2 minutes, which I felt was huge for me!  I never would have done something like that without the MOTR group.  I highly recommend this group to anyone who thinks they can't run, because you can!!  It made me believe in myself, that I can do more than I think I can!"   Allison, Mom of 3



"MOTR got me to become a runner. I had been running on my own on my treadmill for about 6 months before I found MOTR. MOTR got me running OUTSIDE and I haven’t looked back. These days I prefer going outside to run over being on my treadmill (which will be interesting with the cold months coming up!) MOTR has made me realize I really do like working out with other people and that I actually have a little competitive-ness in me! Since I started MOTR last April, I did 4 5ks and will be doing 2 more in the next few months. (they are addicting!) Being in the group also helped me lose my last 10 lbs and I've been at my goal weight for 4 months now. Most importantly MOTR has helped me to become truly happy with myself. I feel amazing & I do know that running has a major impact on that."    Sarah J., Mom of 3



"Amy is amazing. So friendly and encouraging. I went from 10:30 miles to 9 min miles!  I feel better and working out with busy moms is like a support group.  Looking forward to spring."  Michele, Mom of 3



"I have you to thank.  This group has been such an encouragement to me.  I can't wait to feel healthy again.  And everyday feels better.  I'm making progress.  I feel blessed to have my health.  I have lost some important people in my life to cancer so I want to live as healthy as possible, live life the days that I have, and take care of this temple that God gave me!! I appreciate you so much !!  I have come such a long way.  Thank you for your help!!!Unbelievable!!!!"  ~Kathy, single Mom of 2 



 "It was fun and I am truly enjoying MOTR and it wouldn't be possible without you.  THANK YOU!"   - Deborah, Mom of 2